Twinemen, Hard Club, 2003

This ranks quite high on my most memorable moments list in Hard Club.

The view from the balcony

Twinemen, although you might not know them, was the band formed by the surviving Morphine members after Mark Sandman’s death in 99.
Their reception by media and (Morphine) fan base was mixed, mostly because their connection/relation to Morphine was never truly defined or clear: for all effects they were a different band but they were also playing Morphine material, a bond that was never broke.
There are thousands of bands going through this all the time but I never saw anything even comparable to this. Beyond the personal grief they were trying to overcome, professionally they were being pushed to extremes, specially Laurie which had huuuge shoes to fill, not that I share that opinion (they are a different band remember?) but that’s what she was facing.

There wasn’t a lot of people there and the majority of the crowd were Morphine fans who came with some sort of Morphine related purpose (catharsis, memories, songs, etc).
I was having a lot of mixed feelings too. I saw the last Morphine concert before Sandman’s death and I wasn’t sure what to expect.
To my surprise, some people were truly disappointed and left. The way that I saw it, Billy Conway and Dana Colley (for God’s sake, Dana Colley!!!) were playing there that night and that is a gift!

Right after the show they came out and mingled with the crowd, something I’m not used to see with most bands/musicians at this level. We got our CDs signed (Yay!), Ana got a lovely autograph from Dana and eventually everyone left  and we were the last ones there.

View across the river

We came outside to a beautiful summer night and stayed there chatting and enjoying the view.
They were all really nice, down to earth people and if it wasn’t for the photos, I would have woke up the next day and think I had a lovely drunk dream =)

[largeimage description="Blurred & fuzzy just like my memory"][/largeimage]