A photographic essay  can be defined as a pictorial reporting of a subject or theme that is composed and portrayed in a way that tells a story or evokes a series of emotions in the viewer.

I’ve been meaning to start this section for quite some time now but as essays are time consuming activities and time is something I haven’t been able to spare, I have started this section in hopes it will twist my arm into activity (who said you need to sleep more than 4h a night?!)

I have some studies that might evolve into full blown essays and a few project ideas I’ll add to the list.
In the meanwhile, enjoy! =)


Stratum – A visual study of planes

In progress

Faces – Something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time and all it took was a blue day.
An homage to all the beautiful people who endure my ongoing quest for the perfect click!


St James Way or Pilgrimage to Fátima – I’m drawn to these spiritual journeys and would love to register someone’s trip.