Upcoming essay

Tomorrow I’ll be posting the first photo of an upcoming essay on nocturnal photography. I often revisit my photo archives for the places I didn’t had the chance to explore after dusk and try to imagine how they would look like at night time and how much the ordinary can look magical under the right(…)

Site updates

I finally found some time to update the Instagram section and hopefully will be kept up to date from now on. To those of you who subscribe to the site, my apologies for the large number of consecutive posts =)




Pontus Stålberg, Spetsnaz

Pontus Stålberg,  Spetsnaz

Pontus Stålberg & Stefan Nilsson,  Spetsnaz Halloween Festival 04, Hard Club And here’s a “bonus” picture. It’s my favorite from the entire concert but unusable as a concert photograph (you can’t see any faces, so it can be anyone, anywhere).


A simple photo

A simple photo

A simple photo to remind myself to take more hikes with friends, like this one in the national park of Orth Donau, with Birgit and Felix, hunting for mushrooms and slugs with our truffle pigs and mini-pony mushroom sniffer Rise See it on Instagram