Buy me a print

Help me improve by funding the acquisition of new material! Choose one or more pictures from here (or my galleries at Picasa and Facebook), choose a size, paper type & finish and pay me whatever you feel like it.
Each print costs up to 1 euro and whatever else you put on top of that is your contribution.

Available sizes: 10×15, 15×20, 20×30
Paper type: Matte, Glossy
Finish: With margin, Without margin
Need a bigger or different print? Prefer a CD? Just the JPG file? No problem! Fill the form bellow and get in touch with me!

Please note:
If you are in any of my pictures, you are not in any way obliged to buy me a print if you want a copy of your picture or others. I will give them to you for free. Selling prints is just a neat way to fund the acquisition of new material by giving something back in return.


Do you have any manual lenses gathering dust at home? Something you haven’t used in millennia and won’t probably ever use again? Give them to me! I’ll make good use of them as one of the greatest features of my camera (and also one of the reasons why I wanted it in the 1st place) is that it can take old manual 35mm lenses.

These have  became quite affordable as digital photography grew in popularity and some are being sold for as little as 10 to 20 Euros on places like eBay! I bought a few already =)

For those who prefer to just pay me a beer =) here’s a PayPal link:

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