The New Yorker has curated a selection of intimate portraits from photographers who have a significant body of work devoted to their partner in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

I’ll leave you with this amazing photo by Angelo Merendino from “My Wife’s Fight with Breast Cancer.”
“In September, 2007, I married the girl of my dreams; five months later Jennifer was diagnosed with breast cancer,” Merendino told me. “Throughout our battle, we were fortunate to have a strong support group, but still struggled to get people to understand the difficulties we faced daily. I began to photograph our everyday life, hoping to show the reality of living with this horrible disease. As time passed, trust grew, and at a certain point Jen stopped feeling like she had to pose, she was just Jen…happy, sad, silly, or whatever she was feeling at that moment. Now that Jen has passed, I look at these photographs and I feel our love.”