I started this photoblog back in 2001 when Ana gave me my Lomo LC-A.
After four long years away from Photography, the Lomo and its 10 golden rules were a thrilling and refreshing soundtrack for my comeback.

Slowly over the years I let this website slide into oblivion. Without appropriate software, running it was too much time consuming and as soon as I started shooting digital, the sheer volume of photos dictated its slow death: it became another e-bandoned  website.

But last year it all changed. Panasonic built my dream camera and Ana gave it to me =)

I’ve began shooting again and this time I’m trying to get the best of both photographic worlds: the no-rules, spontaneous type with the pondered, cerebral and fully technical approach.
Recently I found some of my photos good enough to share with the world and that sparked the return of this website.

I hope you enjoy it! =)